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As Christians, we are ambassadors for Christ and it is our mission to speak on His behalf to the world.  We are His voice to those who need to hear from Him.  As Kolaiah Productions, we have heard His voice and know His voice as the sheep know the voice of the shepherd (John 10:1-18).

As Kolaiah Productions, we make every effort to be His voice to the Church, the Body of Christ… and to the world.

To the Church we bring songs of worship, praise and declaration.  We offer teaching, consultation, coaching, and service in the area of exaltation, the lifting of the Name of Jesus in the corporate and communal temples as well as the living temples of each soul that have asked Christ into their hearts.  We commit our lives and resources to the mission of building up of regional churches and the building up of praise and worship choirs, teams and bands.

To the world we bring songs of salvation that include the message that Jesus came to share and that the Holy Spirit brings to all who will listen.  We offer teaching, consultation, coaching and service in the area of evangelism, the sharing of the Gospel of Christ.  We commit our lives and resources to the mission of the Great Commission to take the Good News into all the world beginning in our city, our county, our neighboring county and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).

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Nondiscrimination Policy

The Kolaiah Race Relations and Cultural Diversity Program

Kolaiah Productions, Inc. offers a race relation program to businesses of any sort including churches. The program that we have developed can be used by police departments as well as public schools. Any city, county, state, or even federal government agency would find this program advantageous.

The race relations and cultural respect program offers insight to the history of race, how it developed in the Unite States, how it became institutionalized and how institutionalized racism continues today. Yes, we have come a long way, but we still have so much more to learn.

The Kolaiah Race Relations and Cultural Diversity Program offers a positive look at racism where no one should feel at risk of being accused, offended or hurt. Kolaiah Productions believes in unity. The entire program is built to bring everyone to an understanding of how racism came to be and how it affects us today and then helps us to better understand what the next steps are.

One would think that churches would be the last place where we would find racism, especially institutionalized racism, in effect. However, churches are often the guiltiest of any organization and as a church… an expression and a representative of God Himself... they should want to ensure that racism has little hold over them.

Kolaiah Productions offers a guilt-free, hate-free and safe zone in which to honestly look at ourselves as well as others. Though it is built on faith-based beliefs, the curriculum can work in any secular situation and does not exclude anyone.

Kolaiah Productions, Inc. has stated and implemented its nondiscriminatory policy and in so doing, the Race Relations and Cultural Diversity will not be denied to anyone who would like to participate in its training.