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BibleGateway.com is a free service for reading and researching Scripture online - all in the language or translation of your choice! They provide advanced tools you can use to search the Bible by keywords or verse, as well as other tools to enhance your study of the Bible.

Contemporary Christian Music, Where It Came From, What It Is, Where It's Going. Here is the full story behind the rise and rapid growth of CCM. Paul Baker takes us back to its beginnings in traditional Christian music; through its struggle for acceptance as it began to where it is today.
The Evangelical Christian Library. A Christian library featuring online books by contemporary Christian authors such as Robert Boyd Munger, Jill Briscoe, Francis Schaeffer, Chuck Swindoll, John Fischer, J.I. Packer and many more.
The Fischtank. This is the website of John Fischer, one of the pioneers of Contemporary Christian Music, who has influenced us greatly.
Integrity Music. Integrity Music produces, publishes and distributes Christian music, films and related materials that bring life to praise and worship.
Integrity Direct. Integrity does it again with a website that gives even the novice all the tools one needs to lead praise and worship.
Mount Carmel Theological Seminary. This is the Bible College in which we are connected. This is our Alma mater.
NetHymnal. Thou­sands of Christ­ian hymns & Gos­pel songs from ma­ny de­nom­in­a­tions—lyr­ics, MI­DI files, scores, pic­tures, his­to­ry & more. Search­a­ble, ad­vanced Au­to­play fea­ture, free down­loads. New en­tries ev­ery week. Us­er friend­ly. Big­gest site of its kind on the In­ternet.
One-Way.org The encyclopedia of the history of a decade of Jesus Music.
Strategies. This is a secular organization that deals with strengthening families through FRCs.  The church historically was the original family resource center… it can be again.
Vineyard Music. Vineyard Music has been dedicated to bringing great new worship songs to the church born within local Vineyard churches, many of these songs have been warmly embraced by worshipers worldwide.
Disciplers.org is a discipling ministry and helps churches understand the meaning of discipleship.
The Computer Guy is a Christian web and computer company and the webmaster for this site.
Sonservers is a Christian web hosting company