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Kolaiah School of Worship
A school designed for those
who want to lead worship.

This school is set up as a 16-week accelerated class session where the student will learn about the mechanics of music… by notation as well as by ear, the theology of worship and how it relates to music, and how the two combine to become worship music.  The student will interact with others, learn from guest speakers, and receive materials well worth the cost of the classes.

The Kolaiah School of Worship transcends the preconceptions of any denomination and simply teaches straight from the Holy Scriptures using various translations to help understand God’s intent regarding the worship of Himself.

Our Statement of Faith can be found and read here on our website.  However, the School of Worship teaches simply that Christ Jesus is the Savior, the Healer, the Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, and the Soon Coming King.

CORE Theology Classes

Bible Overview (and how it relates to worship)
This class discovers what the Old and New Testaments have to say regarding worship.  Scriptural references that deal with leadership will also be taught as how they affect the worship leader and worship team.

Exploration of Worship
This class focuses on Scripture and how it relates to the following points:

  • Worship IS service (serving) the leader must be a servant
  • Power in praise and worship and declaration
  • The worshipper & how we should grow more hungry for God as we mature
  • Character, Stewardship and Servanthood

Evangelism & Exhortation
This class examines the life of a worshipper and discover how worship is the best form of evangelism.  Sometimes the church needs to hear prophetic words and sometimes those words might sting a bit.  This class will also examine how the prophet speaks to the church.

Edification & Exaltation
This class examines how to use one’s gift to edify the church and also to see how healing comes through music.  This class also examines the pure ministry of ministering to the Lord our God.  While worship does minister to the body of Christ… we must also minister to Him.

This class examines scripture as it relates to the leadership role.  Much of this curriculum speaks about the role of the pastor/elder/deacon but it all relates to the leadership of all things involving the Body of Christ.

Love’s Musician
This class is an insightful study of I Corinthians 13 and how it relates to the musician.
CORE Music Classes

Music Theory
This class will cover how music works.  It will include notation, pitch, rhythm, melody, harmony, major & minor scales and modes, key signatures, chord structure & inversions, as well as contemporary chord symbols.

Ear Training
This class involves the study and application of rhythm reading, rhythmic dictation, interval singing, melodic sight-singing, melodic dictation and transcription, chord type identification, chord progression dictation, and part-writing.

Ensemble Workshop
This class will be an exercise using the concepts learned in theory and ear training classes.  Students will learn to read notation for melodies & chord charts, transpose, and play melodies and chord progressions by ear.

This class will augment the Music Theory and Ear Training through the application of the Keyboard.  This will also include a little explanation of the same using the fretboard of a guitar as well.

Music History
This class will offer a basic history of music and how it all began.  Students will learn that all music was contemporary at one time.

Worship Teams
This class will examine how to exist in a worship team.  Students will also learn how to cooperate as a team.  This class will also examine what it means to be a team member.  There will also be some time spent covering arrangements, improvisation, chord chart reading, transposition, and organizational skills.

Worship Leading
This class will offer each student an opportunity to see what being a leader is all about.  There are some spiritual applications that will be covered more so in the Core Theology classes, but it will also be covered here in this class as well.

This class will be a study of melody, lyrics, form, and style. Students will be encouraged to write and co-write songs.

Voice Class
This class is an introduction to the development of proper vocal technique. Students will learn about proper breathing, tone production, and vocal flexibility.

Prophetic and Practicing Worship
This class will provide a forum for the practical use of spiritual gifts and ministry led by the Holy Spirit.  Students will learn by doing what it means to allow the Holy Spirit to move and direct the service.  This application can work in any denominational setting.

Sound Reinforcement
This class will cover the fundamentals of running sound and how it applies to worship.

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