Kolaiah Productions
Kolaiah School of Music
A school designed for those
who want to learn to play music.

The Kolaiah School of Music was founded to bring music to the reach of anyone who wants to learn. Kolaiah Productions, Inc. is an agency that believes that everyone in our community should be able to learn to sing or play an instrument, or for that matter act, paint, sculpt, etc. The musical arts are expressions that relate to anyone and everyone. It has been said that music is the language of the world.

As a faith-based nonprofit, Kolaiah Productions offers the School of Worship which been developed specifically for those who want to develop and use their musical gifts to bring honor to the Lord Jesus Christ and to spread the Good News to the world.

As a faith-based nonprofit, Kolaiah Productions has set up the School of Music to be accessed by anyone regardless of their faith to be able to receive music education. Kolaiah Productions sees music as a venue where people of all backgrounds can dialog. In music expression, everyone can find their voice. We all have something to say. Everyone has a story to tell. Let’s build on those conversations and learn from one another!

As an extension of the Kolaiah School of Worship, the Kolaiah School of Music has a wider outreach in that the School of Worship is mostly for those who want to lead worship and/or be involved in the music ministry of a church or outreach. The School of Music is for anyone who wants to learn to play a musical instrument or sing… or both.

As a whole, we believe that music brings healing, unity, knowledge and much more. It gives a sense of community where each one can find a voice in which to be heard. We want to be that foundation in the lives of children and families.

Kolaiah Productions offers training to anyone and everyone who wants to learn to develop their musical skills. In making this statement, Kolaiah Productions also wants to offer these trainings to anyone regardless of their economic status. We believe that everyone who loves music should be able to develop their skills and have access to such training. As a nonprofit school, we are partnering with the community to reach out to those who may not be able to afford such education. We are looking to reach out to those who are at-risk, impoverished and/or simply unable to afford musical training.

Kolaiah Productions, Inc. believes in a holistic approach when teaching music to children and families. One can make the argument that a child may have a difficult time learning if their stomach is growling. Also, Kolaiah Productions does not want to turn anyone away if they cannot afford tuition for lessons. Therefore, Kolaiah Productions seeks partners to help children and families have access to quality music education as well as meeting basic needs such as food, clothing, school supplies, etc.

Also, Kolaiah Productions sees the School of Music as a program where family and community needs can be met. Many schools have discovered that by helping to meet the needs of the family, students become better equipped to prepare for their futures. Kolaiah School of Music also believes that while we are teaching music to children and young people, there often times are other needs that should be addressed. Tutoring for school in mathematics, history, science, etc. will be offered to those who are under-served, at risk, etc. Kolaiah Productions will have a family resource center where children and families can seek help for food, clothing, parenting, education, etc.

In looking for partners, we welcome individuals, businesses, foundations, etc. to work with us. Though financial gifts work well to help pay utilities, wages, etc., our desire is to expand our in-kind donations as well. This applies to volunteer work, donated supplies and much more. As a nonprofit recognized by both the IRS and State of California, all donations to Kolaiah Productions, Inc. are tax deductable.

We are looking for more partners who might be able to help supply musical instruments, volunteer service, office supplies, computer hardware and software, recording equipment, monies, in-kind services, etc. to help us meet these needs. We also believe that we have a responsibility to help meet the needs of children and their families who become part of the schools.

Though we are focusing on the musical arts currently, we also are aware that other arts are closely related and should also be made available to children and adults who would like to learn and hone their skills. Other arts such as dance, painting, drawing, etc. are very closely related to the musical arts and can also be used to further develop worship skills.

Please let us know if you have someone, children or adults, who would like to be able to learn to play and/or sing and is not able to receive this type of training. We will be glad to receive them as students and help give them the training they would like to receive. In regards to music, no child… or adult… should be left behind!