Kolaiah Productions

Kim was born in DeQueen, Arkansas on December 23, 1955.  His parents were members of the Horatio First Southern Baptist Church.  It was there that his parents were married.  His father majored in music in college and became a music teacher, playing the organ and piano for many different churches of different denominations over the next several years.  One of those churches was the Dinuba Presbyterian Church where he played the pipe organ for 17 years.

In 1967, Kim’s family including his brothers Tony and Gary moved to California. In 1968, Kim surrendered his heart to Christ at the Presbyterian Church in Dinuba. Pastor Paul Gallagher led him to Christ and became his spiritual father, discipler, mentor and friend. In Kim's quest to discover the Word of God, it was Pastor Gallagher who became instrumental in setting the path Kim would follow. Kim took an interest in both guitar and piano and combined his newfound love of the Scriptures with writing music. His very foundation was set by his loving spiritual father Pastor Paul Gallagher.

While serving at the Dinuba Presbyterian Church, Kim was invited to join a youth band called the "Benevolent Bond".  During his high school years he formed two gospel rock bands including others from other churches … the SS Fellowship and Kolaiah. 

Kim Wildey

Kolaiah's band members included Kim, his two brothers Tony and Gary, and his cousin David.

As a teen, Kim Joined the Dinuba Presbyterian Youth, the Dinuba First United Methodist Youth Group and became an honorary member of the Dinuba Mennonite Music Department from 1970 to 1972.  He affectionately called himself a "MethoByteriaNite".
Kim set out on a quest to learn as much as he could about the Scriptures and met with as many pastors from the Christ-believing churches in Dinuba as he could.

Dr. Kim Wildey

Loving the Bible, Kim and several students met during lunch at the high school and discussed Scripture.  A teacher on campus complained that we were having an illegal assembly.”  He was encouraged and helped by several Godly teachers to start a Christian club on campus.  Kim founded the Ichthus Christian Club at the Dinuba Union High School in 1972.

Kim saw Reneé at the high school for the first time and went home to tell his mother that he had seen the woman that he would marry.  By 1972 they were going steady.  Kim invited Reneé to sing with his band Kolaiah.

On June 19, 1976, Kim married Reneé.

Kim spent the next several years writing music and wrote a cantata called “Signs of the Times.”  During these years Joshua was born in 1978 and Kimberly was born in 1981.  Kim and his cousin David built a music studio and formed Kolaiah Productions.  The two worked with several bands and individuals over the next several years.

Kim and Reneé helped to start the Wellspring Christian Center, a new church in Dinuba.  Kim led the worship from almost the very beginning.  The church formed a partnership with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel.  At that time Kim took the reigns of a newly formed worship team and pioneered praise and worship for the church.

When Dr. Kim Wildey's children, Joshua and Kimberly were nearing high school age, the family moved to Arkansas to begin ministry with worship and youth work.  They considered themselves missionaries from the Wellspring Christian Center of the Foursquare Church.  From 1993 to 2000, Dr. Wildey and his family worked with six churches directly and approximately thirty churches indirectly.  The Wildey Family worship band was well known and sought after in the south-western section of Arkansas.

During their tour in Arkansas the Wildey family became the first white people to join an all black church (Mt. Zion Methodist Church) in Horatio, Arkansas (1997).

In 2000, the family moved back to California.  Kim went back to college to complete an Associate Degree in Business English and history and in 2004 attained a Doctorate of Divinity Degree with Mount Carmel Theological Seminary, a predominantly African-American Bible College.

Dr. Wildey and his wife Reneé were asked to minister with "Souls 2 B 1" at the Annadale Baptist Church in Sanger for around two years.  He was invited to be the associate pastor and the worship leader at the Dinuba First Southern Baptist Church and was ordained in 2005.

In 2008 Kim and Reneé were working with the Foursquare Church when they discovered the Heart of the Valley church in Visalia.  They worked with that church for around two years.

Presently, Kim and Reneé are freelancing as worship consultants to churches that are looking to enhance the worship portion of their services.  Kim currently teaches, consults, coaches and develops worship for Christ believing churches from a theological point of view with over 40 years of experience in the ministry of music.