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Reneé was born in Dinuba, California on July 5, 1957.  Her parents were members of the Dinuba Foursquare Church.  Her father was a deacon and led the song service for the church most every Sunday.  Though her father was not formally trained, he played organ and the trumpet and encouraged all of his children to learn instruments at school.  Reneé’s two brothers and twin sister (Allen, Mark and Elaine) all played their instruments in the church.  Her two brothers and twin sister formed a family gospel band and sang all the contemporary songs of the seventies wherever they performed.

In school, Reneé wanted to play the flute.  She remembered a music teacher (who just happened to be Kim’s father) who came around to each class talking about music and musical instruments.  It was when he showcased a flute that she fell in love with the instrument.  However, the band teacher felt Reneé was more suitable for the clarinet.

Reneé saw Kim for the first time many years before they met.  Shortly after Kim had moved out from Arkansas, she saw him riding a bicycle and asked, “Who is that ugly boy?”

Renee Wildey
Renee studying the Bible

Later when they met, she fell in love and the two became inseparable.  Reneé was a young woman of faith.  She prayed and believed God for everything.  Although Kim knew much scripturally about faith, it was through Reneé that he learned how to have faith.

When Kim founded the Ichthus Christian Club on Campus at the Dinuba Union High School, she also attended the meetings and helped by singing during the song service.

Kim invited Reneé to sing with his band which at that time consisted of his two brothers, Tony and Gary, and his cousin David.

On June 19, 1976, Kim married Reneé.

Over the next several years Kim and Reneé gave birth to Joshua in 1978 and Kimberly in 1981.  As the children began to get older, she decided that she wanted to play the instrument of her childhood dreams.  She bought a flute and asked God to teach her to play.  To this day, she does not formally know a note on the flute, but she plays heavenly.  She plays her flute prophetically and her husband Kim says that she “prays” the flute.

When Joshua and Kimberly were nearing high school age the family moved to Arkansas to begin ministry with worship and youth work.  They considered themselves missionaries from the Wellspring Christian Center of the Foursquare Church.  From 1993 to 2000, Reneé and her family worked with six churches directly and around thirty churches indirectly.  The Wildey Family worship band was well known and sought after in the south-western section of Arkansas.

Reneé was working at the McDonald’s restaurant in DeQueen, Arkansas in the lobby… greeting people and serving refills and whatnot.  A gentleman stopped her as she was working one day and said that he had been in for coffee for quite some time and had been watching her.  He said that either she was a Christian or she was crazy.  He said that he had never seen anyone being so happy even when they were mopping floors or cleaning the bathrooms.  She acknowledged that she did everything “as unto the Lord.”  It turned out he was a pastor at another church in that area of Arkansas and asked if the rest of her family was as “crazy” as she was and would they come minister in his church.

During their tour in Arkansas the family became the first white people to join all black church (Mt. Zion Methodist Church) in Horatio, Arkansas (1997).

In 2000, the family moved back to California.  Reneé went back to college to complete an Associate Degree in Business Management and attained a Bachelor Degree with Mount Carmel Theological Seminary, a predominantly African-American Bible College, in 2004.

Reneé played her flute with the Souls 2 B 1 worship band at the Annadale First Southern Baptist Church in Sanger for two years.  When Kim became an associate pastor and worship leader at the Dinuba First Southern Baptist she played her flute there as well.

Kim and Reneé once again found themselves ministering with the Foursquare Church when they found the Heart of the Valley church in Visalia.  They worked with the church for around two years.

Now Kim and Reneé are freelancing as worship consultants to churches that are looking to enhance the worship portion of their services.  Kim currently teaches, consults, coaches and develops worship for Christ believing churches from a theological point of view… Reneé is the heart and the fait